Mens Guide How to buy Lingerie


Mens Guide how to buy lingerie for Woman

How to buy underwear for women.
Erotic lingerie is one of the easiest ways to revitalize partnerships.
If you choose well it will be one of the best gifts for her and you!

This guide will help you make the right choice and buy sensual lingerie for your wife, girlfriend.

Believe - your initiative will satisfy!  We can assure you that your chosen one will be happy when you hand her the perfect, slightly erotic, gift. Sexy lingerie, skimpy thong and sensual shirt will make her will feel sexy and feminine, and you will not be able to resist her.

We know that a good choice of underwear for the first time is difficult, but if you do not choose correctly - do not worry! In our online shop you benefit from the exchange or return of goods within 30 days! Size or replace the product very quickly, and the refund takes only 2-3 days.

Tip to get started: The biggest difficulty is to choose the right size, but remember that sexy lingerie is made of flexible materials, and manufacturers often use different bows, lacing, cut-outs that allow you to easily adjust lingerie for your partner. You need to determine roughly the size of chosen one to buy the right size.


STEP 1: Check her size and what she likes

Before you go shopping, make sure that you have the necessary information that will help you buy the right underwear. There are several ways to gather this information. It's a bit like playing detective, you have to collect all the clues that she left in the closet for you to give her the perfect gift. Find a bra that she loves and write her size down, this way more likely she will wear it if it fits well and feels comfortable. All our lingerie are imported from Europe in EU sizing. Tinaline has sized convertion to Australian sizing for your convenience. Please check size chart displayed with each product.

 STEP 2: Consider her Style

If you find that your partner wear the same style of bra (eg: Push-Up, Soft, Padded,...) or same colour often do so because it suits  her. By following those rules, you'll be sure to get her something she''ll adore. When purchasing a bra for a gift, it should be paired with a matching bottom for a complete look. We suggest buying two matching panties, perhaps one will be your style and one of hers. This way she will wear the bra more often with two other panties.

 STEP 3: Consider Luxury

Luxury Lingerie is always a special treat, so why not consider something from Luxury Collection or Erotic Collection. Beautiful lace or silk lingerie is top of every women's wish list, and feels incredibly elegant and sensual to wear. 


STEP 4: Buy for her, not for you.

Black or Red Lingerie can be very sexy, but if this is not her colour then there's plenty more to choose from  our collections. Go for something that you both loved. However if you still unsure why don't you chose Tinaline Gift Card so that she can chose for herself.


Here are some tips to help find you more accurately select the size:
Tip: Knowing the size of your partner, use the dimensional tables, which are located at each product. These allow you to quickly and easily choose the size. Remember! Erotic lingerie is usually made of relatively flexible material and is produced only in S / M or L / XL sizes, precisely because it adapts to the women. You need to determine only roughly what size is your partner
The size lingerie, dresses, corsets: 

Even women experienced in lingerie shopping sometimes find it hard to find the right size.
Different manufacturers and different brands have their own interpretations of size, and so the size 34 may be the same as another manufacturer's size 38 and size XS one brand may be equal to the size L of the second.

The most important tip:
Look at the labels of her favorite clothes.
They are her favorite, because it probably feels good to them which is exactly what you expect from the new underwear. If you see clearly that one of the sizes on the label dominates, usually this will be the correct one.
Take advantage also of the table size of individual manufacturers and compare the exact dimensions to choose the right size. The tables show the size on this page, but also for each product under its dimensions.

If you see the size of her clothes is of the type 34, 36, 40, 42 etc. please use the dimensional tables for each product to find out what size you have to buy (or S, or L or maybe XL and others?).
The size of the bust:

Erotic lingerie manufacturers do not use in their products the exact size of the bust. They are generally determined depending on the size of the laundry. With clothes in smaller sizes S, M bust usually is smaller, the sizes L, XL bust usually is larger and so is the sawing underwear manufacturers.
What if she does not like the underwear you chose, or it is the wrong size?
In our Tinaline online shop you may easily return or replace the underwear. You can totally give it back, then we will send you your money or exchange the product for another. This may be a different size or a completely different model / style. For more information, please visit returns & exchanges. Remember! If you are not sure of the size, ask your partner. This will ensure that your refund or replacement will be quick and easy.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us.


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